Keshav Srushti


Social work is an exciting, demanding and immensely rewarding profession. It requires uncommon dedication to strive for social reform. On this note Keshav Srushti, renders the award for the people and institutions excelling in the field of Social Work.

Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir

An ISO 9001:2008 certified CBSE residential school for boys, blending rich Gurukul values with modern teaching methodology. Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir as a constituent of Uttan Vivdh Lakshyee Shikshan Sanstha, is a true confluence of various streams of the Bharatiya way of thought and endeavors to provide modern education to our children with effective emphasis on the knowledge and wisdom enshrined in our traditions and cultural heritage.

Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini

The Prabodhini is an academy for the training and orientation of socio-political activists and a centre for overall public-awakening activities and research projects. It was launched mainly as a memorial of Late Rambhau Mhalgi. It was established in 1982 as a unique Training and Research Academy, primarily aimed at enhancing the capabilities of voluntary activists and elected representatives of the people. However, over the years it has blossomed into a multi-dimensional institute. Apart from training elected representatives, activists, civil servants and journalists, RMP also provides conference and accommodation facilities to corporate houses.

Kishan Gopal Rajpuriya Vanprasthashram

Because every senior citizen in the society deserves to be happy, health and live with dignity. Vasant Smriti conducts a Home for the elder citizens in the name of 'Kishangopal Rajpuriya Vanprasthashram'. The Ashram is situated on a piece of land adjacent to Keshav Srushti. With a beautiful Shiv Mandir, the entire complex of this ashram is pleasant and comfortable. The residents get a feeling of homeliness during their stay here.

Gau Seva Parishad

At present, the gaushala has around 4 acres of land, which is well developed and fenced. There are various cow shelters, fodder and dry grass go downs, an office building, a manufacturing unit to make products based on cow dung and cow urine (gomutra), a small R&D centre and a gobar gas plant along with arrangements to make vermin compost. Presently, the gaushala has around 200 cows. All of them are Indian breed. On an average, 42-45 cows are in lactation throughout the year, yielding around 200-220 litres of milk each day. The gaushala’s mission is to protect and save the govansha of Bharatiya origin from the butcher’s knife and make the same economically viable by making use of cow dung and urine.

Uttan Krishi Sanshodhan Sanstha (UKSS)

Uttan Krishi Sanshodhan Sanstha (UKSS) is a Charitable Trust located in the scenic beauty of the Uttan Region in the Western Maharashtra Sea Coast. India Being a Agribased Economy, it is very important to encourage specialized Research and Education in the field of Cultivation, Plantation, Post harvesting, Organic & Sustainable Farming. Keeping this purpose in mind, a group of enthusiastic and dedicated people like Shri Chandrahas Deshpande, Shri Bhupendrabhai Tank, Shri Janardan Nalawade, Shri Nandkumar Joshi,Shri Satish Vinayak Risbud, Shri Arvind Vishwanath Bhave ,Shri Ramesh Raghunath Patange, Shri Anant Bhargav Limaye,Shri Laxminarayan Chandak, Shri Uday R. Belwalkar conceptualized the idea of Uttan Krishi Sanshodhan Sanstha.

Uttan Vanaushadhi Sanshodhan Sanstha

Indian ayurved and herbal medicines are world’s oldest and most well documented knowledge-based healing systems. To make this medicinal system acceptable as per current global norms with backing of current tools of research, the vanaushadhi trust has been doing some commendable work in this field. There are nearly 500 herbal plants within the large campus of Keshav Srushti, some of them being rare species. The herbarium takes care of classifying and storing the data about these herbal plants. This herbarium and the data it has, is being used for study and research by the trust and is also made available to Ayurved and Botany students who visit the laboratory on study tours.


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